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La Grande Tablée Coca-Cola

On September 7, 2017, at 7:30 pm, Coca-Cola France had the idea to invite us around the largest table in Paris, on the banks of the Seine. An unmissable event!!!

La Grande Tablée On September 7, Coca-Cola France organized a large dinner on a 183-meter long table.

If the end of summer often rhymes with the traditional blues of the return of holidays, it is also the ideal opportunity to meet friends and debriefer holidays of each. For the beginning of 2017, Coca-Cola saw the big picture by organizing a dinner on the banks of the Seine, under the auspices of the Eiffel Tower.

On more than 183 meters, the large table extends to accommodate its 500 guests. The largest table ever seen in the capital for a sumptuous dinner served by Coca-Cola and prepared by three great chefs. Besides table service and a cocktail bar, the evening also promised many surprises and gifts such as mixology workshops, a fanfare and prestigious guests!

All guests had the opportunity to enjoy a "slow life" moment on the platforms and to share a unique moment at sunset between friends by participating in the contest of Place could be reserved for two or four people for what promises to be the event of the re-entry and appear on the photo of the banquet that will go around the world.

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