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If you do any business traveling, you might be in the market for some must have travel accessories. There are plenty of different options available, from full luggage sets to small organizational products. Here are 25 must-haves to get you started before your next trip.

1 - Carry-on bag

Some smart suitcase isn’t just a carry-on bag. They also includes TSA approved locks, charging stations, a GPS and more smart features. With their roulette wheel, they are practical and easy for the displacement.

2 - Smartphone, camera, and/or computer and their accessories

During the trip, it is important to have these accessories. They are a must-have for your trip in Paris. If you want to take your memories from the city of light with you and share them with your friends and family, you need these accessories. Although we already know that most people are inseparable with the connected devices, their smartphones, and theirs tablets, nevertheless, we would like to remind you about it. 😉😉😉

3 - Powerstation or Power bank

If you need to charge your computer or mobile devices while you travel, or visit something, a power bank could help you, wherever you are.

4 - Universal Travel Charger

If you do any international traveling, this universal charger is a must have. This adapter plug includes four different types of outlets and retails.

5 - Clear Toiletry Bag

You may also need a bag to hold various toiletries. And some clear bag is TSA-approved for easy pass through security at the airport.

6 -Noise cancelling Headphones

And to really concentrate on your work or eliminate any of the distracting travel noises, consider some noise canceling headphones. You can also enjoy to listen to your playlist during your travel.

7 - Digital luggage scale

Before you head out on your travels, it can be helpful to make sure your bags don’t exceed any weight limits. So you can use a digital luggage scale like this one. It's practical and easy to carry. If you’re sick of getting hit with charges at baggage check, or are unsure how to pack your carry-on, we’ve got the device for you. This handy little gadget is capable of weighing your bags before you get in line, using auto-lock technology to determine your bags’ weight quickly and accurately. Baggage check just got a whole lot quicker.

8 - MAP or GPS

Wherever you go, it's always good to have the map of the city that you are going to visit. It will show you where to go, what to do, and all the monuments that you could visit. It could help you to localise yourself and have an idea about where to go.

9- Translation and Travel apps

Having translation and Travel apps is always a good idea. They could help you to communicate with others if you can't speak or not really good in the destination language. At least, you could speak some basic sentences with these applications.

10 - Waterproof and Travel Shoe Bags

To keep your shoes protected and clean while traveling, you can purchase a shoe bags that are waterproof and can vacuum seal to save space. It's also prevent your clothes from getting dirty in the luggage.

We hope this little list of "travel must-have" could help you to prepare your trip and enjoy it!!! We hope to welcome you soon in Paris.

Habitat Parisien.

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