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It was just amazing!!! A flashback on childhood memories 🙈🙈🙈

Yesterday, 23rd of July, I just spend an amazing day!!! As you have already guessed through the title, it was in the famous Disneyland and Walt Disney Studio, Paris.

This day, my friend and I, woke up early in the morning, "really really early", like children who were anxious to go down to the living room to discover the gifts of Christmas. We were among the first person to arrive at the amusement parks, and it was worth it, just amazing!!!A flashback on childhood memories.

When we entered, we had the impression of being in a cartoon, an air of childhood, the rhythms of song full of memory, and above all, this feeling of joy, wonder and happiness.

We started off by visiting Disneyland Park, and started the activities with the thrilling attractions. They were numerous and for all tastes: Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain, Star Tours, the Big Thunder Mountain, and Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril. My favorites was the Hyperspace Mountain, it was too crazy!!!The Pirates of the Caribbean is also a trick to do, not with strong sensation, but rich in discovery. A boat ride in the heart of the history of the pirates of the Caribbean. The decor and the animation was on top!!!

On the way, we visited the beautiful castle of the Sleeping Beauty, which we could see from the entrance. There were also numerous small villages, the cinderella mansion, Alice's Curious Labyrinth in the Wonderland, the town of Agrabah of Aladdin, Pocahontas Indian Village, la Cabane des Robinson, the Indianna Jones hideouts, and several other beautiful places arranged as spotlight for the photos, as well as various souvenir shops.

Speaking of Aladdin, we met the famous Jafar, always as bad. He rejected our request when we asked him for a selfie. 😅😅😅 And that's what's too good, the characters play their role thoroughly.

After this wonderful morning, we decided to spend a part of the afternoon at Walt Disney Studio, always starting with the thrilling attractions. Of course, it has several activities for all ages, but we love this feeling of adrenaline: RC Racers, Rock'n'Roller Coster with Aerosmith, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Crush's Coaster, ...

They were all great, but I would like to highlight a bit about the Twilight Zone, I really enjoyed it!!! The boy who was in charge of the reception, in this terrifying hotel, with abnormal elevator, was too good. I liked his voice, his intonation, and the suspense he made reign.

If there is also something not to be missed in the two parks, it is the shows that take place almost everywhere, a magical moment!!! The moment when you can meet the maximum possible character at the same place.

At the end, this day was perfect, there was plenty to do. Disneyland and Walt Disney Studio are among the places to visit at least once in a lifetime.

Eric Ck.

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